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Design and build your

dream house

Here are some pictures of projects we already realised. Use them as a starting point for your dream house. 

Alternatively, if you have a personalised design, we would be happy to work with that. Our job is to make sure your project runs trouble free - from commencement to completion.

And, we can arrange telephone connections, Internet access and more. All you have to do is move in and enjoy.

The commission for this service is a standard 8 % of the total purchase price for your project. 


Make contact and discover the possibilities for you! 

Key advatages of new build:

Choice – you choose your ideal plot of land

Satisfaction – you design the house to suit your needs

Cost saving – a new house is well-insulated and needs little maintenance

More cost-saving – you only pay notary fees on the purchase of the building plot


An important step in buying your property is to develop a personal financial plan.


We can help you choose and negotiate a suitable loan to finance your project. 

All our financial partner speak English.

Please contact us for more information.