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The Dordogne is still one of the most popular areas of France. For many good reasons: the calm ambiance, the abundance of culture, the scenic countryside, the friendly people and the delicious cuisine.


Without forgetting this region is very accessible by car, train (Perigueux/Souillac) as well as by plane (Bergerac with Ryanair.com and Flybe.com).‚Äč


Perigord Noir


The Perigord Noir is the region of the Dordogne known for its truffles, its ‘foie gras’ and the richness of its history. You can visit one of the ‘thousand and one’ chateaux, various caves such as the ‘Lascaux II’, the discovery site of the cro-magnon people, and the historic towns of Sarlat and Les Eyzies.


What’s more, in summer, you can enjoy a broad array of concerts and theatre plays.


Or stroll through the local markets… a pleasure not to be missed. As well as discover the most scenic spots by floating down the Dordogne or Vézère Rivers by canoe.

Invest in the Dordogne